The New Generation aims to contribute to the creation of a strong culture on energy efficiency, and prepares the infrastructure for the renewal of low-energy buildings as well as the guidelines for educators in vocational schools and the infrastructure of transferring culture to future generations.



The main objectives of the project are to educate educators and teachers, to direct the restricted sector and municipalities in the following areas.

Energy Efficiency Literacy: The Next Generation covers efforts to raise awareness of low-energy buildings in a large number of citizens from different age groups and from different professional backgrounds.

Energy Efficiency Infrastructure: New Generation, Hüseyin Avni Sipahi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and İMKB Taşdelen Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Nesrin Uçmaklıoğlu Vocational and Technical High School buildings carried out a detailed monitoring and examination of energy performance. All data were analyzed and a roadmap was drawn up in light of the guidelines as well as the guidelines per beneficiary.

Energy Efficiency Impact: The guidelines prepared for the Governorship of Istanbul and Çekmeköy Municipality aim to determine the standard and parameters of the zoning legislation and to guide the development of daily construction habits. Trainers of vocational high schools will soon train the technical students who will be professional in the sector and will lead the use of energy efficiency applications in their works.


PROJECT NAME: Capacity Develeopment For Future Builders / YENİ NESİL
REFERENCE: CCGS-TR2013/0327.05.01-02/114